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Quality Assured

RMI has established an enviable reputation for supplying the mining industry with some of the most reliable high-pressure reciprocating pumps available. Utilising the very latest technologies, and unrivalled engineering expertise, RMI can deliver a system that will operate in the most extreme environments, safely and reliably. We use only the highest-quality components and materials designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances.

Energy Savings

RMI’s continuous development of energy efficient products has led to the introduction of ODIN (On Demand Intelligence), a UK-patented control logic system, which interrogates the individual components in Longwall systems. ODIN monitors the required roof support movements and calculates the subsequent demand for hydraulic fluid from the pump station, allowing the variable speed pumps to be more responsive and optimizing coal production. Our latest product is AGILIS, a fully integrated explosion proof variable speed motor and controls system, arguable the most efficient and compact pump station available today.


Quality Controls

All RMI equipment is designed, manufactured and supplied in accordance with European ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation certified by Lloyd’s and governed by Quality Management Systems to provide and maintain client and user service. To supplement this all our systems supplied to China are fully approved by the MA authority

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