Support on demand

RMI’s global reputation is based not only on its expertise in the design and manufacture of superior high-pressure pumping systems for the coal mining industry, but also on its commitment to provide ongoing support throughout the life of its installations. RMI’s support mechanisms are tailored to customers’ specific requirements and include access to multimedia technical resources, speedy repair and replacement services and the reassurance of unrivalled safety standards.

Maintenance Manuals

To enhance our customers’ experience of RMI products, we have invested time and energy in developing our operating and maintenance manuals to ensure they are easy to understand but comprehensive at the same time. Each system is supplied with a CD detailing sectional views of all major components to assist parts ordering and a full set of technical manuals to ensure successful installation and safe operation.

Spares Modules

Reducing maintenance downtime is critical. RMI’s modular design approach means that repairs can be carried out in record time. The need to hold or order large stocks of small intricate parts is also removed, resulting in many associated savings in time and space.

Safety Standards

RMI equipment is often installed in hazardous and challenging environments that are tough on equipment and workers alike. We never sacrifice safety for performance, which is why we exceed the requirements of all international safety standards and employ specialist engineers to focus entirely on operational safety. RMI products and systems are regularly checked for compliance with international standards and those of the local market.

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