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Efficient and reliable High Pressure pumping systems
for the Longwall coal mining industry

Trimax S200-300

The Trimax triple Plunger reciprocating pumps form the core basis of our hydraulic performance band, and has been established as a market leader in the industry for many years. Its modular construction and robust design is ideal for the arduous conditions faced in coal mining. Systems are supplied in many configurations including track, rail or skid mounted.

pdfDownload S200 Product Leaflet 50 Hz

pdfDownload S200 Product Leaflet 60 Hz

pdfDownload S300 Product Leaflet 50 Hz

pdfDownload S300 Product Leaflet 60 Hz

Quinmax S500

The S500 is our flagship product and increases the performance envelop of the established ‘S’ range of pumps. The five-plunger design exerts lower forces on the crankshaft and associated bearings, while reduced hydraulic noise and pressure pulses minimise the impact of surges on other critical items of equipment, increasing their life expectancy.

pdfDownload S500 Product Leaflet 50 Hz

pdfDownload S500 Product Leaflet 60 Hz


The minimum specification is: full programmable control of system parameters; full health monitoring with a diagnostic fault log; and auto start and rotation of lead pump. The ultimate in drives and controls via our patented AGILIS and ODIN systems are available maximise productivity with minimal running costs. All systems are available with a live monitoring and maintenance package eliminating un-planned down time.

Supply Tanks and Filtration

A complete range of supply tanks is available including an auto-mixing tank with combined storage of automatically mixed emulsion and pre-mixed raw oil. All RMI fluid storage tanks always include a high-flow capacity duplex ‘in-tank’ return filter. Either filter element can be replaced without interrupting the pumped fluid supply.

Protection Devices

All mining system pumps are fitted with the RMI Electronic Unloading Valve which instantly reduces the system pressure when demand from the system changes. The pumps are fitted with oil temperature, pressure and level sensors and alarms to easily enable preventative maintenance.

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