Designed to meet your every need

Using the latest software tools, RMI engineers will take modular products and incorporate them into the client’s system, minimising the space required, reducing installed costs and maximising overall system efficiency. Varying permutations of pump cylinder diameters, gearing and motor sizes offer performance capabilities for almost all specifications. Optional cylinder arrangements and higher speeds, including variable speed driven selections, are given full technical appraisal by our highly qualified design and production engineers to ensure we offer the best pump for each application.

Compact Design

We understand that available space underground will be restricted. Our modular design allows us to offer a very compact pumps station whether on individual pump skids or all pumps are mounted on a common sled or crawler we will have a design that suits your available space “envelope”. .

Manoeuvrability and Relocation

RMI high pressure systems are designed to achieve the lowest weight compatible with structural strength and integrity. The mine operator is able to relocate the system with minimum cost and disruption as working faces are changed.
RMI offer several system mounting options to provide transport flexibility underground and on the surface. Caterpillar track and sled mounted options are available.

Built To Last

By using the highest quality component and materials RMI pressure delivery systems are designed for continuous operation in hostile environments. Our demanding specifications will resist attack from heat, water, acidity and dirt to prolong full lifetime and extend the running time between routine maintenance.

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