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Expertise where it counts

RMI is arguably the world’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure reciprocating pumps and pumping systems. The management team and engineers are all from mining or industrial market sectors with decades of specialist application experience and expertise. The world's largest and most productive Longwall coal mines, steel producers, and power generation companies choose RMI pumping systems, prioritising safety, productivity and value for money through lifetime return on investment.

Design Solutions

Using the latest software tools, RMI engineers will take modular products and incorporate them into the client’s system, minimising the space required, reducing installed costs and maximising overall system efficiency. Our controls and applications experience helps us develop low cost energy solutions for the diverse market sectors we are involved in, helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Repair and Maintenance

RMI’s unique modular system design reduces setup time to a minimum. The pumps and power systems are designed to make repair and maintenance simple and fast. Most maintenance tasks can be carried out by the customer’s engineers, often while the pump is in situ. Full training programmes are provided to site personnel, to ensure the equipment operates successfully during its lifetime, and that we achieve our minimum target of 98% machine availability time.

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