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Partners for life

Because we work in partnership with customers on every continent - and because their success is our success – we provide a global partner support service. RMI service centres in China, USA, Australia and Europe carry a comprehensive inventory to ensure that overhaul or repair work is executed as quickly as possible. Our local service technicians are supported by specialist engineers 24 hours a day at the UK product development centre.


We believe our success stems from consistently taking a solutions-based approach to customers’ businesses. Understanding operational issues remains our key challenge and forms the basis of our approach to customer support. Building on these collaborative relationships with a view to developing focused solutions is our constant aim.

Product Warranty

Every RMI system is supported by a manufacturer’s warranty; many customers choose to extend this with a service support agreement that incorporates regular health checks or on-line monitoring to give additional peace of mind. RMI installations across the globe have been running 24 hours a day for many years, but even the best and most reliable systems require careful maintenance and occasional repair.

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