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Intelligent control systems

At RMI, we believe that power without control creates waste. Our intelligent expert control systems provide configurable, and optimisation of system performance as operating conditions change. Cutting-edge technology such as ODIN (On Demand Intelligence) developed for mining, monitors the longwall hydraulic system and anticipates the required movement of the powered roof supports. Modulating the pump’s speed in anticipation of system changes creates a significantly more responsive and economical system.


Many applications in both the Industrial and Mining markets can benefit from the use of intelligent variable speed driven pumps. Rapid response to system flow changes in the ODIN-monitored system increases productivity and system availability. When the additional costs of installing VSD’s and the associated controls are accounted for, the payback period is often very impressive - typically less than two years, notwithstanding the additional savings associated with increased production and reduced downtime. Full health monitoring and predictive maintenance systems are available to further enhance system reliability.


All our systems are fully tested in our factory prior to dispatch using techniques developed by Manchester University to match the customer’s required duty. To further maximise equipment performance, RMI engineers will commission the equipment and fine tune any controls to meet actual site conditions.

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